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Window Covers & Furnishings

We manufacture sliding shutters, bifolds, hinged shutters, outdoor blinds and custom-made louvre systems. The highest quality custom made plantation shutters, timber venetians and aluminium shutters available on the market. Our window furnishing solutions are supplied to leading architects, property developers and interior designs - as well as the general public. Our range of products includes: roller blinds, roman blinds and panel glides.

Timber/Aluminium Shutters

Plantation Shutter DoorAubaine Aluminium Solutions can design and implement a custom made shutter that will ultimately accentuate your family home or business. Shutters can be fixed, clipped, bi-fold, sliding or hinged according to the position and requirements of the window.

With a range of blade sizes for shutters including 60mm, 68mm, 84mm and 90mm Aerofoil, all other components of our shutters can be varied to suit the specific requirement. Timber products available in Western Red Cedar.

Plantation Shutters






Timber Venetians

The Manufacturer uses a unique timber head box system for Venetians, making their use easier and increases durability, as opposed to the metal head box system commonly used for Venetians.

Using the finest quality Western Red Cedar with superior qualities including colour, stability, and durability, Venetians are ideal for any location and decor. Available in 46mm blade and 60mm blade sizes.


Timber Finishes Available

The finishes available provide a wide range of options to suit particular needs and window requirements. Finishes include:

Oil Finish

This is the most economical finish, it provides a deep, low sheen effect and includes an anti-fungal agent and UV inhibitor. Oil, unlike wax, actually dries so it will not collect dust to the same extent. However, like wax, it needs to be reapplied every 2-5 years depending on location. We offer a choice of light-mid tones and mid-dark tones.

Clear Lacquer

The two-pak (2k) lacquer provides the highest protection from the sun. Available in a clear finish, our two-pak (2k) lacquer reduces the yellowing effect caused by the sun. It is the hardest finish therefore, it will not scratch as easily as other finishes. We offer light-mid tones and mid-dark tones.


The staining process is applied prior to a light sand and application of 2 coats of lacquer. Staining offers greater protection due to the UV blockers occurring in the stain. Colour variations will occur when staining Western Red Cedar due to the density and grain of the timber.


The paint that is used is two-pak (2k) and is the most durable finish available. Easily our most popular finish, Raffles TSV will paint according to your colour specifications. We require brand, colour and number of the paint required to match the colour required.


Liming is a very popular finish which highlights the grain and softens the look of the timber. Liming is available is various colours.

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